Celebrations, Content, And KCON Teasers Wrap Up Dreamcatcher's September in 2023

The group takes time for the Chuseok holiday, but not before celebrating a member's birthday and dropping more media for fans.

Celebrations, Content, And KCON Teasers Wrap Up Dreamcatcher's September in 2023
Siyeon takes one of a few pictures for her early birthday live stream. Source: hf_dreamcatcher (Twitter)

The end of September and the turn into the Fall months means that South Korea’s Chuseok was just around the corner, and like many in the country, Dreamcatcher took the time to be with family, relax, and generally take a break from behind-the-scenes work. But even if it was a bit of a lighter week, that didn’t stop them from continuing the content pace that they’ve been on, as well as celebrating things in more ways than one. Here’s what Dreamcatcher was up to this past week as they headed into October!

Siyeon hangs out with fans for her early birthday live stream. Source: Dreamcatcher Weverse

The timing and the holiday meant that Siyeon, whose birthday is the latest in the year, was celebrating another year around the sun just a bit early. The 27th brought with it a birthday Weverse live stream and like all the others this year, Siyeon engaged in a nice and chill chatting session with fans. As always, the live stream was filled with Siyeon’s unique quirkiness (she ended up thinking and talking about cats randomly) along with a funny moment where guest star Yoohyeon showed off their unique forehead greeting. There were also insights from the recent tour, the group’s visit to Universal studios in Florida, and about how likely it is she’ll be keeping the bright red hair she has for the next comeback. Regardless, Siyeon’s always given off the vibe of friends talking to each other for her livestreams, and this one was no different. With less livestreams overall these days, I’ve tended to really enjoy the ones we do get. Here’s to hoping Siyeon had a good birthday!

But Siyeon wasn’t the only Dreamcatcher member dropping in for fans this week. After having teased that it was coming up on paid messaging platform Fromm, Handong put out the first episode of her individual content series, called “Handong Tries It Once”. This seems to be a series where Handong tries out different things on camera, similar to CeCi Korea’s “Solution SuA” series, but perhaps with a bit more of a chill vibe. For the first episode, Handong decided to try to replicate one of her favorite makeup looks from the recent “BONVOYAGE” era from start to finish.

Though a bit nervous about doing something that is usually performed for her by professional stylists and a bit self-conscious about being bare-faced on camera for the first time, Handong did a good job here. Cosmetics and make-up content isn’t something I regularly watch, and even though I’m familiar with the format of putting together a look, it was still interesting to watch Handong go to work. Twenty minutes or so of finishing this up along with Handong’s commentary was relaxing, and there was plenty of her fun straight-talking sense of humor throughout. I’m looking forward to more from her.

Much of the rest of the content this week, squeezed in prior to the holiday, had a bit of a variety flair to it. Revista KoreaIN, who had previously worked with Dreamcatcher during “BONVOYAGE” era, brought the group back for a fun Q&A with their Brazilian fans as well as some fun games, including a relay imitate the emoji game that I found pretty funny. There was some mild speculation that a seemingly random variety appearance on a Brazilian YouTube channel might herald the possibility of a Latin America tour, which hasn’t happened since 2018. We’ll have to see if that pans out, but for now, it was nice to see Dreamcatcher take a break from what was likely an intensive “DEMIAN” special clip filming for a bit of fun and games for some of their fans.

Lastly, I know I’ve been waiting for Dreamcatcher’s version of the KCON Saudi Arabia teaser content that other artists in the guest list have been putting out, and I wasn’t disappointed when it was uploaded late last week. There was a standard check-in message from the group being happy to see fans and to return to KCON, but the two other videos that dropped were fun promotional items that allowed Dreamcatcher to show off their fun offstage personality. Whether it’s vibing to two of their songs or messing around in dance practice for “BONVOYAGE”, Dreamcatcher seems to be excited to show up in another place that they can add to their already-impressive global destination list. For those that are unable to attend, it does seem that there were streaming options last year for KCON Saudi Arabia, so with the official KCON Official YouTube channel being promoted as part of the festivities, we’ll have to see if that pans out for this year for global fans.

Dreamcatcher is hopefully off enjoying themselves during the Chuseok holiday, and as they send a message to fans celebrating autumn being here, they’re likely heading into another month of busy work and at least one location to travel to. You can, as always, count on me to report and summarize the latest and greatest from the group, so for all that, and more, I’ll see you here again next Sunday!