Bright Pottery And Dark Shadows Highlight Dreamcatcher’s Mid-May Activities

K-Pop — Dreamcatcher Recall

As summer creeps closer, Dreamcatcher remains busy throughout mid-May with more content for InSomnias.

Dami, SuA, Gahyeon, and JiU show off pottery skills in a new Dreamcatcher’s Note. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

We’ve crossed the mid-May mark, and even though thoughts are turning to summer and all that entails, Dreamcatcher remains quite busy. This past week was filled with both expected and unexpected content, and continues the notion that InSomnia continue to be one of K-Pop’s most well-fed fandoms. Let’s check out what happened this past week in Dreamcatcher land!

SuA waves to fan cameras on the day of her 2nd SBS Young Street Radio appearance. Credit: suafilm940810

Tuesday brought us another appearance by Dreamcatcher’s SuA on SBS’s Young Street Radio, and with it another “high tension” appearance from the group’s loudest and most energetic member. This time around we got SuA sending appreciation to veteran actress/DJ Jung Dabin for her drama work, some fun banter that because of her famous “ice cream girl” claim to fame back in 2003 as the face of Baskin Robbins, Dabin was technically her senior, and last but not least, SuA dropping in an impromptu freestyle rap (showing that she still has those Lead Rapper chops even though Gahyeon has the role now). There were, of course, plenty of other moments — feel free to grab a download of the 05/11/21 Young Street episode to show your support for Dreamcatcher’s appearance and to hear/see all of the show, and pick up the Gorilla app (Desktop | Android | IOS) so you don’t miss out on SuA’s other appearances this month (two more to go).


We also got the other part of Siyeon’s wonderful waffle iron work, which started last week and ended on a kimchi pancake cliffhanger. Luckily the kimchi pancake turned out ok, but there were plenty of humorous other missteps along the way, including a “Curse of the Spider” web-like messup of one attempted dish, an experiment with five-hour old french fries gone wrong, and a poor macaroon that ended up being sacrificed by Siyeon to the waffle iron gods. A lot of this stuff was purely experimental after having relative success with the other things you can make with a waffle iron, so between that and the fact that Siyeon continues to be boldly adventurous despite being self-aware of her shortcomings in this arena, most fans can certainly forgive all the chaos resulting from the video. Either way, it was endearing and entertaining at the same time — and one can only hope that Siyeon gets to keep practicing with the waffle iron, even if it ended up in a bit of a sad state for now.

Handong casually sips on a drink as a photo is snapped of her behind-the-scenes. Credit: Han Dong_Dream Catcher

While SuA’s appearance and energy and Siyeon’s chaotic waffling was certainly expected, this week seemed to be filled with a few surprises for InSomnia news feeds as well. The first was a bit of a photo dump from Handong’s phone to her Weibo account, featuring nine pictures of Dreamcatcher’s resident Chinese member in various poses and casual looks throughout the last year up until now. If you missed red-haired, blue-haired, or bright blonde-haired Handong, this is your chance to catch up visually at her 05/13/21 Weibo update post.


The second surprise this week was a super-sized Dreamcatcher’s Note — seventeen minutes of JiU, SuA, Dami, and Gahyeon giving clay pottery making a try. We heard about this a little bit due to a spoiler from JiU in a vLive, and some fans thought that signaled at least one activity from Dreamcatcher’s upcoming reality show, but it seems we were wrong — like Siyeon’s waffle iron adventure, this seems to fall under the sort of “slice of life” content that appears to be new on the Dreamcatcher’s Note track. Seeing the group try some new things is always a good thing, and seeing four of them give it a whirl at once is even better. Each person, from Dami’s “X” bowl to SuA’s practical plate to Gahyeon’s double bowl and shot glass combo to JiU’s marbled and carefully crafted plating showed off a unique artistic style. And of course, there were plenty of funny moments, such as the group slamming clay down to help mold it while the shopkeeper told them to “visualize someone you hate”, Gahyeon being worried about messing up flipping over her bowls, SuA and Dami accidentally swapping clay, and more. Definitely a fun Dreamcatcher’s Note, and one I hope the company does more of in the future.


But the last (and best) surprise of the week was saved for Friday, as Siyeon and Dami got to show off their OST singing skills together for the release of “Shadow”, one of the main tracks from Korean drama/horror show “Dark Hole”. From the brief previews we got, we got to hear a snippet of Siyeon’s now-expected vocals and just a small peek into what Dami’s had to offer. The main release, however, showed off much more, with Siyeon and Dami trading power vocals over a rock-focused track and high notes that very few people expected Main Rapper Dami to showcase. And if that’s not enough, the release of “Shadow” came with a “Slow version” that took the tune and made it into a dark ballad filled with haunting tones and a focus on the vocals that highlighted the multi-level talent Dreamcatcher’s members possess.

The result was a couple of bangers that each showed off a different aspect of adding flavor to a heavy drama like “Dark Hole”. Both Spotify and Bugs (the latter requiring a Streaming pass) have the audio, but be sure to check out the music videos as well — they just might entice you to check out the drama, which at first glance appears to be a cross between The Walking Dead and Resident Evil. Even if you don’t, it’s still nice to see yet another addition to the Dreamcatcher discography, and further recognition in South Korea of their musical appeal.

Aside from this, here are some other news tidbits from around Dreamcatcher world.


Siyeon cringes ever-so-slightly at the macaroon destruction in her waffle iron. Credit: hf_dreamcatcher

That should do it this week for yet another recap of Dreamcatcher content. The group will certainly be busy this coming week with a birthday vLive and another radio appearance on-deck, so you can be sure I’ll be here to recap all of that content (and all of the surprises, which hopefully won’t include a dead macaroon) as usual. See you then!