Accolades Accompany Dreamcatcher’s Work In Early February

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Whether as small as fun prizes for winning variety games or as large as a winning trophy at the Hanteo Music Awards, Dreamcatcher continues to achieve in early 2023.

Dreamcatcher posing with their Global Artist Award (North America) at the 30th annual Hanteo Music Awards. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

With a brand new tour on the horizon along with a newly announced appearance in Las Vegas, you’d think Dreamcatcher would drop back behind the scenes for a bit to do their usual bit of preparation and gearing up to be able to provide great performances for their fans. As always, however, the group seems quite dedicated to their work, and even on an off-comeback type schedule seem to want to remain visible as well as busy. That hard work, of course, paid off in a nice bit of hardware to take home that I’ll get into in a little bit.

Without further ado, let’s get into what Dreamcatcher got to this week!


Last November’s Europe tour continues to generate more content from Dreamcatcher, and this past week was no different. A double helping of Dreamcatcher’s Notes graced the group’s official YouTube channel, talking about everything from why the members chose certain clothes for fashion or convenience, to everyone having a great time filming another one of Yoohyeon’s ideas for the Dreamcatcher Tiktok account, and Siyeon messing around in front of multiple filming Dreamcatcher members for future Dreamcatcher content pieces. While Europe tour was a bit shorter than the North American leg from earlier in 2022, there’s been no less shortage of content from the group, and I’ve always enjoyed seeing all the things they experience on the road — including all the food that gets consumed.


Speaking of Siyeon, she dropped in another long-form vlog this week detailing her time in Europe and once again fans were treated to the quirkiness and sometimes-random footage of the group’s Main Vocal. Siyeon vlogs are very much the epitome of the way some musical artists just have their brains work differently, expressing themselves in unique and ultimately interesting ways that are endearing. That’s what I think we get from Siyeon vlogs, whether that is her recording herself waking up, being a good aunt by spoiling her new niece with a nice sweater purchase, almost dropping the camera into her half-finished food, or talking extensively about everything from makeup routines to how she eats a burger to make it easier on herself. There’s always something different when it comes to a Siyeon vlog, and I look forward to them a lot as a result.


The group’s schedule has seemed to leave them much less time for incidental livestreams on Weverse lately, but SuA nevertheless was able to take a bit of time to stop by to say hi to fans. As always, she was fun and entertaining, reacting to some of the best moments of the group’s recent Dreamcatcher Notes on the EU tour, checking out Dreamcatcher content on YouTube, and overall being her usual energetic self.

That energy was on full display when SuA and leader JiU appeared on MBC’s Weekly Idol this past week for their special Valentine’s Day episode. A rare collaborative effort, the episode also included fromis_9’s Hayoung and Jiwon (seemingly Dreamcatcher’s equivalents in both sweet personality and high-energy chaos), and long-time friend Kwon Eunbi. The Valentine’s theme got put forth with fun segments including an acted-out couples picture-and-edit session (sponsored in part by Adobe) and team pedometer karaoke where the objective was to get as close to the target number. It was nice to see Dreamcatcher get a bit of a new networked interaction in fromis_9, and have yet another opportunity to talk to and work with Eunbi (who would later work with Gahyeon on the same day of recording for Mubeat Live). And they didn’t walk away empty-handed, either — their performance of Jinju’s version of Gloria Gaynor’s classic “I Will Survive” netted them some bluetooth microphones that they will no doubt use for many an at-home impromptu karaoke session. If you haven’t checked out the episode yet, you should, as it’s a great bit of fun even with only two of Dreamcatcher’s members present.


Handong seemed to settle into her new regular DJ gig in week 2 on Akdong Seoul, talking comfortably with listeners about how she wished Dreamcatcher songs would go viral and head back up the charts, how proud her mom was to be able to not only watch and listen to her on the radio but to understand what she was saying (as much of the broadcast is in her native Chinese language), and, of course, to give some airtime to some Dreamcatcher songs, such as her own solo “Winter” from 2022’s “Apocalypse: Save Us”. There were a couple funny miscues, such as when her Dreamcatcher-style greeting didn’t quite match up with the audio engineer prompt, but those will likely be ironed out in the coming weeks, For now, it’s nice to be able to know we’ll be seeing some regular Dreamcatcher content through Handong no matter the time of the year.

Dreamcatcher wins Global Artist in North America at the 2022 Hanteo Music Awards. Source: idolplus

Last but not least, Dreamcatcher’s 2022 banner year continued to pay dividends this past week, as Dreamcatcher was invited to and performed at the Hanteo Music Awards, celebrating their 30th anniversary with the first offline version of the awards. Not only were they able to perform a special version of “VISION” with a new and unique intro, but they also got to pay homage to the best artists of the last 30 years with a special stage cover of FinK.L.’s “Now”.

Hanteo’s Global Index rating along with a decent fan vote also gave them their second award, the Global Artist award for the North American region (pretty good timing given that they’re due to tour in North America at the end of the month). Considering there were some pretty heavy hitters out there, from Tomorrow X Together to Blackpink and more, Dreamcatcher and their fandom overcame some pretty tough odds to land the regional honor, and true to their global presence, thanked their fans in Korean, English, and Chinese. While their earlier (and first) award at the K-Heart show in August of 2022 was certainly worthy of notice, winning something at the Hanteo awards, especially given how important and prominent the Hanteo brand is to music show charting, is arguably their most prestigious domestic award to date. It proved once again that Dreamcatcher’s slow and steady staircase rise has eventually led to more things to check off of the idol career bucket list. As such, every award means something to Dreamcatcher no matter what it is, and you could hear that in their heartfelt comments.

If you missed the Dreamcatcher content from the Hanteo Music Awards, you can catch it at the official idolplus site:

Dreamcatcher poses in suitcoats for their FinK.L. cover performance. Source: hf_dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is full steam ahead in 2023 so far and they’re already starting out by picking up some nice achievements for themselves. As always I’ll be here with all the Dreamcatcher news for readers to catch up on — see you next week at the usual time for more Dreamcatcher content!